Auroora Yhtiöt Acquires CWP Coloured Wood Products, A Manufacturer of Coloured Veneer Materials

Auroora Yhtiöt Oyj (“Auroora”) has acquired the entire share capital of CWP Coloured Wood Products Oy (“CWP”). CWP specializes in through-dyeing of wood using environmentally friendly methods. The acquisition supports Auroora’s strategy of acquiring high-quality SMEs and developing them through long-term ownership.

CWP was founded in Imatra in 2004. The company utilises a unique method for manufacturing CWP Laminated blanks, CWP Interior veneers, and CWP Dyed veneers. Laminated blanks can be used in various applications such as gun stocks, sports equipment, and musical instruments. Interior veneers find applications in premium car interiors, furniture, fittings, as well as interior walls and ceilings. Dyed veneers are used to manufacture laminated blanks and can be used as structural veneers for various products and as accent colors.

The dyeing technology developed by CWP allows for the individual customization of products with desired color combinations. The dyeing process incorporates environmentally friendly technology. All the company’s products are made from certified birch with verified origin.

CWP has experienced steady and profitable growth in recent years. In 2023, CWP’s turnover amounted to 4.1 million euros, and the company employs 19 people.

CWP’s products are primarily sold to export markets worldwide, with the United States and Central Europe forming the main markets. The company sees expansion opportunities, particularly in the field of automotive interiors.

“We were convinced that CWP has been doing things right, and the company is now in a very interesting stage of development. We were very impressed with the expertise of CWP’s management and staff. The company’s strengths lie in its unique, self-developed dyeing technology, customization with desired color combinations, and a highly automated production process. Combined with promising market outlooks, CWP has excellent opportunities for the future,” says Jukka Marttila, Business Director of Auroora Yhtiöt.

Timo Vartiainen, representing CWP’s former majority owner, hopes for the continuity of the company’s positive development story: “Our interests aligned well with Auroora. It is important for us that the new owner is a long-term and responsible owner committed to continuing the company’s operations in South Karelia. Under Auroora’s ownership, CWP has the opportunity to grow and thrive.”

“CWP is a leading company globally in its niche business area. We believe that Auroora can assist CWP, especially with its strategic and growth expertise, as well as addressing challenges related to sales and internationalization,” adds Jukka Marttila.

“It’s great to join Auroora Yhtiöt. Auroora’s operating model and long-term ownership align perfectly with my values. This is a good way to continue the story of CWP,” says Jussi Helve, CEO of CWP.

For more information:

Jukka Marttila, Business Director – Auroora Companies Plc, +358 40 518 8623

Jussi Helve, CEO – CWP Coloured Wood Products Ltd, +358 40 564 5997

Auroora Companies

Auroora Yhtiöt Oyj is a Finnish serial acquirer. The company’s turnover for 2023 was 131 million euros, and it comprises over 20 SMEs employing around 700 people. The group companies operate independently under their own name, brand, and strategy as part of a Finnish community built by entrepreneurs.

CWP Coloured Wood Products

CWP Coloured Wood Products Oy specializes in environmentally friendly dyeing of birch veneer. The company produces through-dyed veneers, technical veneers, and laminated blanks using a unique method.