is a Finnish
serial acquirer

We acquire SMEs and develop them with a long-term perspective.
We have 20 group companies, employing around 600 people.
Our turnover is EUR 130 million.

Our segments

Automation and Electrification

Water Treatment

Industrial Products and Services

New Segments

Helping SMEs grow and develop

Serial acquirer operating model

We create value through long-term ownership. We offer strong industry expertise and a community that provides support for business development, financial resources for growth when needed and interesting development opportunities for entrepreneurs and employees.

Benefits of serial acquirer

With us, the companies continue to operate independently as part of a community built by entrepreneurs. Under the serial acquirer model, each company operates under its own name, brand and strategy, but becomes stronger as part of Auroora.

Strong industry expertise

We are looking for growth in three main segments: Automation and Electrification, Water Treatment, and Industrial Products and Services. In addition to these, we are exploring growth opportunities in new segments.

A network of companies and experts

Auroora consists of high-quality SMEs with strong cash flows. Our experts have extensive experience in M&A transactions, entrepreneurship and senior management roles in industrial and growth companies.

Auroora has its roots in the aspiration to develop Finnish ownership with a long-term perspective